How I Learned To Build My Coaching Business

I was in my early 30s and felt stressed & unfulfilled in my corporate job.

I knew I needed help. Through a colleague I found a coach and within a year of doing deep work with her on my purpose in life, I signed up to be trained as a coach with CTI, went through the entire curriculum, certified and have been supporting people, both in my corporate job and as an independent coach ever since.

This is a bit over 12 years ago, coaching was still sort of up & coming.

During this time, I’ve gone through profound change myself, shifting my own inner beliefs and I had plenty! Not feeling enough or worthy on a deep level, with a big fat pleaser running most parts of my life, leading me to overwork constantly, taking on 4 or 5 big projects at the same time incl personal ones and always, really always, being the friend to count on!

2 burn outs ultimately forced me to halt everything, my body was completely run down, it resisted the simplest tasks. All I could do was finally drop my resistance, stop pushing and instead listen and be present with myself, fully. It was a very long, painful process. I learned that my body is an incredibly sharp radar for what’s needed. I re-learned to feel myself, what I needed in any moment, started following all my intuitive insights with steps to take. I healed. Physically, emotionally and mentally. Spirituality become a central focus and a way to approach life and growth. I changed my circle of friends, the relationship with myself, my family and pulled my purpose into the center of my life. I yearned to work as a coach with the right clients and on something that would truly excite me to get up in the morning!

In my coaching practice I had always felt a deeper connection to certain clients and topics more than others. My mind had been in the way of letting that inform me to make the right change. I allowed myself to go through a process of over 1 year, connecting deeply to myself and a vision, that shifted my focus entirely towards women!

Specifically female coaches in their 40s, 50s who are trained/ certified, have likely invested in a website, maybe more coaching courses and are asking themselves:  ..and now what? Where are my clients? How do I do that marketing thing? Will I ever become successful in my coaching business?

  • Did you know that over 90% of all coaching businesses fail in the 1st year!
  • Did you also know that more than 2/3rds of coaches are women!

Women in particular, struggle with specific limiting beliefs around visibility, worthiness, enoughness, abundance in any form & entrepreneurship. Self-doubt, fears, imposter syndrome, to just name a few, hold a lot of women back. To take powerful action, be seen and create the desired impact as coaches, women need to melt these internal blocks.

When that happens, inner space is created, intuition flows, and women start flourishing and creating from a place of self-belief and empowerment. Usually, other areas of life are positively affected too!

Women, when empowered & financially independent, become role models in their families. Its largely women who invest in their communities and in good causes, which in turn helps driving the massive shift’s the world is going through!

Women coaches are needed more than ever to create thriving coaching businesses to support and multiply the current global shifts in the next years, both through their work as coaches and the positive ripple effect they have on their communities! This is what I feel deeply called to support!

Women Coaches don’t succeed by purely learning & pushing marketing strategies. Women actualize their potential & succeed by harmonizing feminine & masculine energy, shifting outdated beliefs, connecting deeply to themselves & to their vision (we all have one!) and applying marketing strategies that actually fit them, not because it’s what everyone does!

I have helped female coaches:

  • Get clear on who they truly feel called to serve & what to offer!
  • Ask for the right price & increase income!
  • Get clients through the, for them, right visibility!
  • Get clients through a simple referral method!
  • Be & feel seen and feel good about it!
  • Feel enough & really liking themselves and feeling much more confident as a coach!
  • Shift fears to avoid getting stuck in procrastination & playing small!
  • Feel worthy to receive (money, opportunities) in turn creating synchronicities propelling them forward!

What my clients say about working with me

Stephanie is an exceptional coach. She has the ability to listen deeply and see directly to the heart of what is going on. She combines this with her natural ability to ask the right questions at just the right time to enable her clients to gain the insight they need. Her work is infused with compassion, kindness and wisdom. Her skill in making observations helped me delve deeper and clarify my thoughts and feelings. I have come away from my sessions with Stephanie feeling seen, understood, with a greater sense of myself, my purpose, and how to move towards my goals. I highly recommend working with Stephanie.

Connie, San Francisco

Stephanie has helped me tremendously. Every session she manages for me to make big steps again and again. Its beautiful how she prepares her work and at the same time deeply trusts her strong intuitive insights. She literally feels my blocks and energy. Stephanie gives me the feeling of being seen and she takes the time needed, creates an open and positive atmosphere.

I can recommend working with her to everyone. If you are stuck and don’t even know why, she will find it! Her coaching techniques together with her amazing intuition make her a unique coach.

Saskia, Hilversum