What It’s Like To Coach With Me

As a fellow coach I likely don’t need to explain to you how coaching works, but would like to take the opportunity to outline how I work with other sacred souls.

I am a highly sensitive, highly intuitive empath. I use these gifts to inform my coaching with you and regularly receive intuitive insights during sessions that help us focus on the right areas and create the needed breakthroughs. Over the years I have deepened my skills, to enable your growth in a much quicker timeframe than it took me!

The Process

  1. We’ll start off by diving into your specific goals for your Coaching Practice and what’s holding you back currently!
  2. We then focus on melting your internal blocks & replacing them with beliefs that serve you!
  3. We follow the structured, practical steps to creating the fundamental building blocks & processes for a successful coaching practice!

It’s typically required to start with inner work before going into the practical pieces. Think of it like trying to pour more water into an already full glass, it’s going to spill. To create shifts from the start, we need to make space and find & work on the biggest internal blocks holding you back right now!

This will create the space and give you the fuel for the steps to come and will be the foundation for everything to come!

We’ll follow a structure of logical steps that are essential when building your coaching practice and set goals for 3 / 6 / 9 / 10 – 12 months.

I am 100% committed to my clients and to help you bring your vision to life, I need you to be fully committed to your goals, the process and our work together!

Don’t worry, I am with you all the way! Cheering you on, holding you accountable, having your back and not to forget – having fun together! 

*On a practical note, I coach in English, Dutch and German